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Hope: Starting Calmare scrambler therapy

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I have had PHN of the head for over 2 years and no medications have helped. Has anyone tried scrambler therapy by Calmare? I am desperate to try anything and by the way I have tried CBD, botox and acupuncture to say a few. I was told it is the tri geminal nerve that goes to my eyebrow an center of head.

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I’ve never heard of that. Can you give us a brief description please?

It is low electric impulses that supposedly tell the nerve endings not to signal pain. I live in Las Vegas and I located a doctor that does it. I will be making a appointment for next week

I agree that it is so simple. If it means anything the FDA recently approved this therapy. I’ll keep you posted.

I found by researching that Scrambler Therapy is called Calmare in the USA. So search for a local provider using that name. I found one near me and am going to try it. 2 weeks of 5 daily sessions about 30 min each. Will report back after that.

Calmare is a electrical impulse therapy that is also done by other physicians. Because it is Calmare it is also more expensive. I am starting next week and I’ll keep you posted as to my progress.
Also the Calmare physician here will not accept my ppo and wants me to bill my insurance . Not happening.

Keep us updated on your progress. Thanks, Pat

My doctor accepts my ppo
I’ll keep you posted after my treatments

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When do your treatments start?