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Overnight Sleep Study Questions

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SusanEllen, Yes, bring your own pillow and blankets. I should have done that. Make sure you adjust the room temperature to what you're used to. I would also try to arrange your sleep time with the sleep tech so that it matches your normal sleep time as closely as possible. I'm a night owl, so they let me go to sleep later, about 11 pm, which helped. I also brought a book and some music on CD to relax to, which helped me relax until they wired me up for the study. I was actually able to sleep, but not as well, of course, as in my usual sleep environment. I was allowed to take a sleep drug (zolpidem 5 mg) which helped me get to sleep.

It looks like a CPAP may be in my future because while my sleep apnea is mild I have symptoms excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue.

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@tim1028 thanks! I will take my stuff. I’m really a late night person. I’m up past midnight.
I’m sure they will not let me have any medicine to sleep. They are looking to see how quickly I fall asleep and enter REM sleep. If I have narcolepsy it has to be within 8 minutes.

I hope they come up with a solution for you. Being tired all day isn’t easy.

@tim1028 Hi Tim, I did the sleep study. My diagnosis is idiopathic hypersomnia.
IH is basically a a neurological condition with unknown causes that makes someone over tired. Sleep, no matter how much you get is not restorative.
Treatment appears to be medication.
I go to my neurologist on the 30th for treatment plan.