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Overnight Sleep Study Questions

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No one warned me about the paste in my hair. They used some sort of paste to hold the sensors on my head. So, don't wash your hair before the sleep study because you will absolutely need to wash your hair right after. Honestly, it was the worst night's sleep ever. I was cold and so uncomfortable, and woke up more times than I usually do. Definitely pee right before the tech hooks up the wires because it is a pain to do it when you really have to go. And be patient- My tech took a while to respond to my alert. Good luck!

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I know the paste they use is inconvenient but necessary. Your hair must be clean because if it isn't, the oil in the hair will keep the paste from adhering to head which will not hold electrodes in place and they will keep falling off. It's not that big of a deal to wash your hair when you get home from test. I actually didn't wash mine for a couple days because I washed it a couple days before and the tech combed my hair good before I left and got most of the glue out.