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Popping in throat not neck

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@nyctrin I found something you may want to look at regarding disc problems in the joint of the jaw. The joint sits right in front of the ear canal. I have had my jaw get out of alignment and bind up the disc (which wears) in the joint and it can pop or click, and on occasion, I have had a sharp pain there. This might be something to see a physical therapist about. My PT has helped align my neck and jaw. I am a cervical spine surgery patient, and also have TOS (thoracic outlet syndrome) which makes one side of my neck too tight and contributes to the jaw misalignment at times.

The hyoid bone sits across the front of the throat and aides in swallowing. It can become misaligned and is just held in place by muscles. It could be involved as well. Are you having any problems with swallowing?

This link is a website of an author in Europe who writes teaching articles for physical therapists. He is also on facebook using his own name and posts case information. He does sometimes respond on facebook if you ask him a question.


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I don’t have issues swallowing but it’s clicks by the hyoid bone. I know the shooting pain is a nerve unfortunately due to enough time of clicking in the throat. The current place in clicking happened 5 days after surgery Feb 23rd. The surgeon just kept telling me I’m fine and didn’t want to further investigate the pain I’ve been going through for the past 3 months.