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Overnight Sleep Study Questions

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….I don't remember everything about my sleep study a few years ago but it took the young man about 50 minutes to hook me up to all the wires; then i trie to go to sleep and he kept coming into the room and the head of the bed had some equipment on it and he several times double checked some of the wires etc., also i had to urinate through the night so that was a bit of a problem an having to be careful of the wires; we were awake/woken up in our individual rooms at 6am…. when i got out of bed i noticed on of the wires was off. few weeks later met the dr. very nice but said something to the effect i woke up or 60 times and suggested one of those machines for through the night but I didnt get one. I thought it would be like a simple oxygen mask but it has to press on your face and not let any outside air in and my face is sore and I have tmj and dry eyes etc., so decided against it. so i still have sleepless nights but feel i am not a good candidate for the machine…also they have to be cleaned or sterilized each week or so and I would be afraid of germs etc. however, many people have the study done and benefit considerably from the night mask, so am not saying they dont work, just not for me. But no wonder i kept waking up with so many wires attached and trying to move around….i got the lab tech to take a photo of me with all the wires and i would put it up here but i think you can envisage it!! one woman in another room did not sleep the entire night! good luck. J.

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That's why I took something to help me sleep. I have just the nasal mask. The connector is at top of head and it swivels so I turn over and it goes with me. You could have the wrong size piece. I started with the small nasal piece and after a couple weeks called and said I need the small wide because the other mashes my nose together. The wide just sits under my nostrils and is very comfortable.

I had a sleep study done in March 2023. The hook up of wires, straps to meaure heart function, etc. was uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as the hard mattress. Im a side sleeper so I slept on my back because it was more comfortable —all things considered. However, I didn't sleep much either, just enough to get the required data.
My awakenings were reported to be the result of apnea. I just thought it was for the bathroom. The O2 sensor picked up low oxygen levels (76%) which corresponded to my awakening. Im currently using a cpap machine which improved my nighttime O2 levels. Its not fun wearing a cpap mask, but I have been dealing with it. I know apnea can lead to heart attack and stroke as well as memory problems. Who knows how long Ive had apnea? I am hoping to see improvements as my body responds to this therapy. Cleaning the mask and hose has not been a problem. I use unscented soap and water. I hang the items in the shower to let them dry. I have a second hose and mask to rotate while the other dries. My neurologist says 50 percent of the patients stop using cpap for various reasons. I hope to continue, but I can't predict how I will feel in 6 months. You might want to speak with your doctor about the results of your study . There are blogs out there on YouTube that are made by cpap users who give helpful information in problems adjusting to cpap use. I wish all who are on this journey, the best of health.

You just didn't get a proper fitting. I have just the nasal mask and hose connects at top of head so when I turn over it changes with me. I had to change nasal pieces because they gave me the small at first and after couple weeks I said I need the small wide because the other mashes my nose and I feel like I'm suffocating. It's much better now. It just sits under my nose. Plus, if the equipment is too tight it will leave marks on your face. My face is mark free in the mornings.