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Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole

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I’ve been taking anastrozole for almost a year, and am cautiously thinking the side effects have been minimal. My main concern is its contribution to my osteoporosis. I have been seeing an OT to learn how to increase bone mass.

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I took anastrozole for almost 3 years before it stopped working for me. My oncologist put me on Tums. Tums are high in calcium which I assume is why he put me on that. I am off the anasrozole but continue with the Tums.

I have DCIS and had a lumpectomy and radiation. The oncologist suggested anastrozole (Arimidex) and after reading all of the people’s issues, your post is heartening. Since it has been almost two years since you have been taking this, how are you feeling now? Any tips before I start taking this? Have you helped your bone loss in some way? I am not a smoker, only take vitamins, rarely drink, eat healthy, work fulltime and very active. Bone soreness is something I can handle, bone loss is concerning. Any helpful advice is appreciated!

Did your doctor put you on a bone building drug?

Welcome to Connect, @bmerxbauer. Have you experience bone loss with anastrozole?

I have just been prescribed this medicine. I understand one of the side effects can be bone loss. Just wondered what other people are doing or using to help with this problem.

I started on Anastrozole inFeb of last year – by Sept was having quite a bit of joint/bone pain. After a test that showed osteoporosis had increased in the last 3 years (breast cancer just discovered in 2017), the Dr. changed my RX to Exemastane in Dec. & started a twice yearly injection of Prolia, which I understand is supposed to help with bone thinning. Also, my hair has come back much thinner since the chemo -( don’t expect that to get any better). The joint pain is still there & think it always will be. But – don’t want the cancer to come back, either, so will continue with the meds.


yes, I have and just need some honest answers and reall attention to my complaints

@rosiemolano how are you doing? Are you still taking anastrozole or did your doctor suggest switching to a different aromatase inhibitor?

One year for me too. Somedays are better than others but my goal is to fight recurrence, so I'm in for the long run ~ Hang in there! Thumbs up for the OT for osteoporosis prevention!