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Overnight Sleep Study Questions

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Hi @tim1028, I did my overnight sleep study at the Rochester Mayo Clinic 4 or 5 years ago and don't remember too much about the preparation other than being told I shouldn't have any caffeine or alcohol in the afternoon prior to the study. Here's some information from Mayo Clinic – https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/polysomnography/about/pac-20394877.

From a practical standpoint, I would make sure I had a comfortable set of loose fitting pajamas as they hook you up to a lot of different electrodes for the study recordings. I didn't bring my own pillow but that might be a question to ask if you have a preference.

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I had an overnight sleep study 4 months ago. Try to keep the normal night time routine you have at home as much as possible. Take your own pillow if you have one you like. I was afraid I wouldn't sleep at all the night of the study, so my sleep doctor suggested I increase my dosage of Trazodone the night of the study. That, and being exhausted after getting hooked up to all the wires, made me sleep much better than I ever do at home, so the doctor didn't understand how severe my insomnia usually was. I wasn't offered much help at all, except to keep doing what I was doing, which isn't working well. I'm still struggling to sleep more than 3-4 hrs a night. I didn't have apnea or restless legs.