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IV infusion for Osteoporosis

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Don't they all? Evenity actually grows bone that is why I am thinking of getting this. The others prescriptions actually don't grow the bone only keeps you from losing more bone? I've been researching.

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@1956slk thank you for your findings regarding Evenity. I’m in Canada and will be 60 years old in late June and I’ve just begun my research. I’m a small woman (5’3” and 120 lbs). Approx 6 years ago I had gastric bypass surgery as I had many underlying health issues. Over a 2 year period of time I lost 115 lbs. Along the way, I found out last year that I’ve got osteoporosis. Due to my previous surgery, my stomach is 1/4 the size of a regular stomach so I’m unable to safely take osteoporosis medication in a pill form as it will most definitely cause stomach ulcers and further gastric issues for me. I just don’t have enough stomach acid to properly absorb this type of medicine. I’ve been sent to see an endocrinologist and after many more tests and X-rays she feels I should do well getting Prolia in an IV infusion once a year. My MAJOR concern is that this drug will definitely cause a lot of hair loss AND it can cause my jawbone to splinter in the event I should ever need dental surgery while on this medication. I’m scared to death. I’ve tried the holistic approach, I’ve done acupuncture, exercises and worked with a physical therapist for weight lifting.

My test show I’ve got osteoporosis in my hip and spine. Breaking my hip could cause it to shatter and many who have dealt with this have approx 1-5 years after their fall to live….it’s a death sentence for many.
I don’t know what else I can do that I haven’t already tried and I’ve used a year to see if doing things with diet, exercise, etc could make a difference for me, but sadly my dexa numbers have gone up slightly over the last year.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!