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Areas to Avoid in Rochester?

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Thanks for the insight! What other options should we look into? I saw someone posted about Serenity house, are there more options like that?

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I would look at the above mentor suggestions. They know the town and resources better than I do. I lived in Roch for 7 years but haven't for awhile now. About an hour away. We have favorite hotels/motels, extended stays etc. that we stay at when going to Mayo. The mentors here are all wonderful people and know the resources that are available and where to start looking and reach out to. They can not only point you in a "customized" for your situation direction, but know other directories and such that will save you a LOT of time. Sorry I can't be more helpful. You are in the best of hands no matter how it goes. I have always said, it isn't as important how it begins….as how it ends. Again….GOOD LUCK with this journey.

@rkrack. Mayo Clinic has a Concierge Service that is free to use. Here is the website:

Mayo Clinic Concierge Services

Since you will be in Rochester for 3 days on this visit I'd recommend you make this as easy as possible on yourselves and stay in one of the hotels closest to Mayo Clinic. Then, you can park your car and walk to the Clinic for your appointments. Some of the hotels are connected via the underground walkway although this time of year that may not be as necessary – unless it is raining.

I've used an app that I downloaded to my phone that has helped me to look around for lodging. You can download it at no cost from the App Store. It's called When in Rochester.

All of the hotels are very accommodating and so I'd suggest you select a hotel based on price and location.

We stay at the TownePlace Suites in the Mayo Clinic area (downtown). We've also stayed at the Residence Inn in the Mayo Clinic area.

Does this help for your search?