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@mspatart no no no I did not do well on 2 clicks- I did well on 6 and actually more often on 7 clicks. My doc was happy with 6 but I kept trying to go up and managed 7 on days when I don't have something important to do in the morning. I still cannot tolerate 8. I don't believe two clicks will help you. Start at two and move up every week or two, depending on how side effects are going. Your body may adjust to two so there are no side effects, then move up to 3, let your body adjust and so on. Try to get at least to 6 clicks for a therapeutic dose.

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OK, Thanks for the advice. Can you tell me what side effects you experienced as you ramped up to 6 and what now happens when you do 7 clicks?

Forteo causes so much joint and bone pain I can barely walk, terrible nausea, flu symptoms, headache and on some occasions total exhaustion that makes me feel like I am being held down by lead weights. It is awful. I tried to go back on it on Saturday night and got sick again so stopped it. Now today is the first day I have felt reasonably well. How long did the Tymlos side effects last at first? Sorry to ask so many questions but you have been of so much help. Thank you. Pat J in San Jose