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Did you have some xrays, CAT scan or MRI after talking to him that he may have viewed and not had a chance to speak to you about? If not, then this really needs to be cleared up about why he would order that type of change without discussing it with you first. Is there a chance that the office staff may have messed up and given you the wrong forms? For sure you have the right to demand answers.

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Hi, it was after the CT and MRI that we discussed the results and he said, "good news, I'm going to do a labrum repair and arthritic cleanup. But you need a cardiologist to clear you due to the EKG and that was the last I saw or heard from his office. I was cleared and I got this surgical package 5-9-23 I have called his office and am waiting for his PA to respond. There's no way I'll go forward if the procedure has changed and they just expect me to sign off without any prior notice.

Hi I finally got word it will be a total shoulder replacement so my mindset has to be reset for what I consider is Major surgery. Psychologically I'm feeling really down and I know this is not the mindset to go in with.