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Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement

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I had both hips replaced in 2014, and I have pain in my thighs all of the time. The more that I am on my feet the worse the pain. I am only 60 and I just got tired of going to the doctor and them telling me that nothing is wrong and it is probably just my back causing it. The problem is they don't listen to their patients and just want to continue doing test after test. I just deal with it. I live on a farm and I am so frustrated that I can't do anything that I love to do any more. But I keep hanging in there.

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HI, I just saw your post and am having same problem with burning thighs after right anterior hip replacement nine weeks ago. As you know, it is so frustrating. I have had exrays, epidurals and will now get a nerve test. its been several months, has there been any improvement or does anything help? I am so sorry, it
Look forward to your response, what type of doctors have you gone to. thanks for any info

Hello @mimi1957 and @melar1. While I didn't have a hip replacement, I did have a total knee replacement in 2006 and can understand your frustrations with lack of progress and continued pain. I had a rough recovery that involved two additional surgeries and aggressive scar tissue formation. It took me close to two years to find my new normal, but am happy to report after a long struggle I am pain free. My issues were all related to severe muscle and ligament atrophy as well as aggressive scar tissue growth. I did not have to deal with nerve pain.

@mimi1957, if it is possible, have you thought about seeing another provider to get a second opinion on the reason for your continued pain?

@melar1, if you are comfortable sharing, how is your mobility and your structural recovery of the joint itself? You mentioned the burning sensation, how is that affecting your daily routine and how are you dealing with it?

Thank you so much for your input. My hip and is doing well and thankfully my movement has not been effected, its just the non stop burning. It started the day I got up from surgery, Terrible for first five days, thankfully it improved from that point.  Then about three weeks in, it started in the other leg.It s been 9 weeks since surgery and no real relief.  They thought it was my back and I received epidurals. That did nothing if anything my back hurts now, I do have herniated discs.  WIll have a nerve test In June, Luckily, a friend of my brothers has stepped and and got me an apt sooner than8 weeks.  Cant get close to a neurologist for that time period around here.Im glad to hear that you are doing well and really appreciate your comments. If ever you have any new thoughts are ideas, I would love to hear them   Thank you   

Wow @mimi1957 sounds like we have the same Dr,, he just keeps telling me there is nothing wrong, and if it continues maybe I should see an ortho for my back,, DUHHHH,, its not my back,,,, The thigh pain sometimes is so intense, it feels like its in a vise,, clamping so hard I can barely stand it,,.. From a sitting position, when I stand I have to wait (slightly bent over), till it "releases", pops back into place,, or whatever its doing,, I use these terms because I dont know what its doing,, so I have to try to describe what it feels like.. Its horrible to be in pain and be treated like your making it up,, I wish you good luck with yours..

@frister did you ever have any kind of back problems? I ask because I have constant thigh pain but I had a fracture back and Dr.said my nerves going to legs where being pinched. Ask your Dr. to do a back x-ray? Maybe it has something to do with your back Our bodies are so complicated when it comes to causes

@lioness --Yes I fractured my spine L-5, 3 months before my surgery, I fell backwards after Hurricane in Sept,, during clean up of downed trees and branches on our property . I had it cemented but had no thigh pain till after the hip surgery. It could be possible that is what is causing it, but they have done 2 x-rays, as well and radiologist that read them, noted the fracture, but you would think if he saw something else he would say something. but experience has shown me that sometimes (some Dr's, techs, or who ever is dealing with THAT issue) , will not discuss another issue. .

@frister yes I know what you mean My original Dr.didn't tell me it was my rheumatologist that good me showing me the anatomy of that area If this is the case good luck the only the my that I have found to help is certain leg exercises and Ice. Maybe you can research on this site for pinched nerves ,www.nccih.nih.gov pinched nerves

I’m sorry to hear your in pain. I have also been suffering from severe pain after my hip surgery 3 years ago. I was told that I have nerve damage from the surgery as well as bursitis. I hope you find relief soon.

I’m so sorry you have this. I just had a THR at age 60 and though everything went great, I too have severe thigh pain. It keeps me up most of the night. Sometimes it’s the whole leg, radiating to the calf. Soooo frustrating. My doctors and PT also claim this is not normal. No hip pain but this is tough to deal With!

I have similar history to yours... both hips replaced Jan 2017. I was 66 at the time and about 8 weeks post surgery began to have sharp thigh pain in left leg... 2 weeks later same kind of pain in right leg. one year 9 most later i am still having sharp pain in both legs, consistent but intermittent sometimes debilitating, always, every day painful to a degree. I've had every test i can think of with no conclusion. Diagnosed with mild osteoporosis of the lower spine. (not a painful condition) dr prescribing heavy duty drug for it - Forteo - i am skeptical but fairly desperate...hard to decide..... leaning towards trying it.... scared of side effects that may worsen situation... Right now i am able to push forward regardless of leg pain... extreme fatigue, flu like symptoms and headaches could make it impossible to have any type of reasonable life... keep hanging in there....