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Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement

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I had both done. The one im having issue with was 3 yrs ago, the pain stated a year later during winter. I have been back countless time and had so many test done with no conclusive answers..to say im fustrated is an understatement. The pain is so sharp i scream out. Wondering if the mayo could fiqure this out because my ortho just keeps racking up the bills with no answers

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I feel your pain. I'm in the same situation

I had a total hip replacement, right side in August 2016. Sharp pain has started slowly a few months ago. Getting more regular and can’t stand long in one spot is when it bothers me. And having a tingling sensation on the right side of my calf. After surgery went so well . Then after a year my arthritis in my left ankle kicked in . I will be going to my orthopedic doctor about this. Sometimes the pain is dulling. It is getting difficult to do things daily the way I use to. Do not want to take pain killers . Messed up my kidneys somewhat. Only taking Tylenol for Arthritis. I was taking alleve for at least two years. Doctor told me to change To Tylenol, that’s when the pain worsened.

PT is working wonders for me. Have you tried that?

Well I was just advised that the sharp pain is due to subsidence of the appliance, which basically means it is falling into the femoral stem, both shortening my leg and generating the stabbing pain chronically. The top of Accolade hip is wedge-shaped which is supposed to not allow this descent, but in this case, the wedge is forcing the top of the femoral remnant apart and may lead to catastrophic splitting. So, the solution is yank it out and replace with larger appliance, both to stop the descent and to restore correct leg length. Not the news I hoped for but I had my suspicions. No amount of PT or back stretches or spinal injections or any of that makes any difference. Gravity is winning.