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Yes I wanted to ask in several different areas to see where I may have the most in common with symptoms. So thank you for fixing that ! Also yes I've been to tested for everything under the sun and more to come. They said the MRI is for vessels/vasculature and the EKG is for metabolism syndrome? Which I'm not sure about either of this. My first doctor was absolutely sure I had a sleep apnea issue which I didn't and I knew I didn't have any issues breathing during sleep. It's been a stressful journey and I just want to speak to people who have similar stories and feelings. Thank you!!!

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No problem. Your discussion appears in multiple support groups now. 🙂

No doubt that this is stressful. But it sounds like both you and your doctor are being persistent in searching for a cause. Hopefully with several members seeing the list of your symptoms, someone may have something similar to help you as you search for answers and a diagnosis.

I think the biggest part you have in your control right now is to work on managing your stress. Being worried about being sick is stressful and is bound to increase anxiety levels and wreak havoc on your ability to focus. Do you work with a therapist? Do you have things that help calm you?