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Soft-Tissue Masses Not Diagnosed

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Ever watch the TV show "House"? He is a diagnotician and the world needs more physicians that can play detective for all of us. That being said, maybe with all your current symptoms and recent tests, an expert Oncologist can arrive at a diagnosis for you.
Keep looking for clues and best of luck in your search.

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Genetic aka Diagnostic testing is used to precisely identify the disease that is making a person ill. The results of a diagnostic test may help you make choices about how to treat or manage your health.
Predictive and pre-symptomatic genetic tests are used to find gene changes that increase a person's likelihood of developing diseases. The results of these tests provide you with information about your risk of developing a specific disease. Such information may be useful in decisions about your lifestyle and healthcare.
I intend to pursue this as a way to determine what type of Chronic Pancreatitis that I have and whether there is a genetic component for my adult children.