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Good morning, @maya8238 Oh goodness, my heart goes out to you with all you’re going through. I know chemo is rough but it’s a means to getting your life back to some normalcy. Unfortunately, with each repeated round it can take a little more time for those numbers to rebound.
I didn’t have Colon cancer but had many rounds of chemo for an aggressive blood cancer. After each round, I’d have a Neupogen injection and it did work beautifully. My white blood count made a triumphant return, much to the glee of my team and myself! Most of my acquaintances and friends who’ve had cancer treatments also receive Neupogen. It is very beneficial in ‘pushing’ the production of white cells which protect us from infection and keep us healthy.

So don’t dread the injection…this medication is an important tool in keeping you protected as you go through treatment. Your oncologist may suggest that you take the over-the-counter Claritin antihistamine (not Claritin D) to help minimize the potential for bone pain that can occur when the Neupogen starts working. I used Claritin starting the day of the injection to about day 7 or 10. One pill per day. It really worked to hold off the bone pain. So ask your oncologist or NP what they suggest. The Claritin trick is pretty standard treatment.

Has there been any followups to see how well the chemo is working?

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Thank you so much for this wonderful message. It has really given me that comfort I need to go through this. Yes they told me to do the clairitin which I start today. My first injections is tomorrow and I go again Tuesday. Your message was exactly what I needed to read to feel better. This is why this group has been the best way to get through these experiences