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Just Need a Little Support

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Apr 25, 2023 | Replies (9)

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Hi Lori-
Somehow I am only now responding to your very good and helpful note. Thank you for taking the time.
This and the comments from the others who responded is indeed, supportive and kind. Sometimes that is all a girl needs.
You asked about my creative outlet....I love to sew and I am learning to paint with watercolors. I am also a writer, which helps me process my "stuff." It's that sometimes I forget to use those very good tools, particularly when I am stuck. This past January I assigned myself a project for fun. I thought about memoir writing and how I do not have a life that can be held in a book, perhaps, but I realized I could approach that topic from a different perspective. So, I began to write a poem...which is not finished...but I did complete the art that went with it- I made 75 pin cushions! I chose that number because if I am not here at that age, (I just turned 69 and have a history of pancreatic and breast cancers)....I chose that number simply because I like the sound of it. It's a quarter of a century. And it reminds me to keep getting up, especially on days that I am a bit down.
Tell me more about your creative work, if you like. (Not trying to pry, but I am interested.
Take care and be well.

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Hi! Good morning, @artgirl2 It’s great to hear from you…there’s no time limit on these messages…occasionally, time makes them even more relevant. I had to re-read what I wrote to you and wow, I’m still the baa baa black sheep of the family. ☺️. I hope your situation has improved and you’re feeling more confident about opting out of invites to things you really have no desire to attend. I really have no regrets and continue to opt out too. Life is much less stressful when we learn to say no.

You and I seem to parallel each other a bit. I turned 69 in January and feel this is one of my greatest periods in time. Just had my 4 year followup post leukemia/bone marrow transplant and I’m ‘doing fantastic’…so from my perspective, that’s behind me! I also love sewing, mostly art quilts now, making paper, watercolor and writing. A couple years ago I went down the rabbit hole of making journals. That is my latest passion and can’t seem to get enough of making books! Now if I only had the self discipline to write in journals daily instead of making them.
But I’m writing in Connect to ‘friends and family’ every day. Keeps me out of trouble.

I’m really intrigued with your 75 pin cushions! Interesting that you chose pincushions as the artwork to represent your life…
And then…of course, there’s The Poem! Writing is such a visceral form of self expression. I think it’s clever and cathartic idea to bring your life to ‘life’ in poetry form and very meaningful.
This is a time for reflection, isn’t it?