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It looks like you are in your late 50's. What we don't know is your weight & general health.
I had the same surgery w/ 2 bypasses a year ago and quickly started doing P90X cardio but didn't push it. At the 9 month mark I went full on P90X with weights, hard cardio, etc. 5 days a week and for about an hour a day. I'm 57, 174 lbs, and you probably eat a little better than me. I plan to do "The Murph" on Memorial Day but will likely take an hour or so to do it.
I'd suggest an Apple Watch (or Samsung if an Android user). Unless your Dr says otherwise I'd push it as card as you can. If you overdo it your watch will tell you that you are going in to A-fib.
The Murph = https://themurphchallenge.com
P90X (Beachbody) = https://www.beachbodyondemand.com/?locale=en_US

Dale Gooding

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First of all- How did The Murph go this past weekend?!
Second - thank you for the great reply. I have been so afraid of breaking - since I had to do a redo - and after getting to read all of the messages here, life got in the way to reply (buy also I had a great week where I could address my last surgery in multiple ways. )
The pacemaker people told me NoWatch. My cardiologist kind of laughed at that. So I tried it once to see where my heart rate was during lifting - and freely left it at home after seeing it for that day.
I am in a much better place and I value your words and the time you took to write!
Thank you,