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Hi Kathy, I just wanted to give you some help if I can..each situation is different but what does remain the same for all of us is the tremendous fear we share. In 2017 they found a suspicious nodule in my upper left lobe and though it had some concerning characteristics they couldn’t say definitely that it was cancer…a biopsy was not considered because they felt that the nodule was too small and biopsies are risky with the lungs. I then went under observation for 3 years and only then in 2020 it started to grow. We were just months into the pandemic so it took several months before they could bring me in for surgery.. they removed the whole lobe and I didn’t need chemo so I could go home.. I basically just go for ct scans every six months or so for observation. It’s a different journey for everyone depending on your age or how your general health is. I think that the worst thing I did was to worry constantly and it hurt my health greatly, I feel my obsessive fear was doing me more harm than dealing with cancer..I feel you are in a good place, the doctor has done some tests and you’re getting more help so that’s really good..nothing is definite with your nodule and no one is calling it cancer and it doesn’t necessarily have to be cancer.. most people have many nodules in their lungs that never become malignant. I wish for you a easy journey and try not to worry about it, this advice I should take myself lol.. good luck and please let me know how you are doing.

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Thank you so much for your kind words. I will keep them with me and keep updates on my path. I have an amazing husband and he says the same thing. The more worry about something out of my control the worse off I will be regardless of the outcome. Thank you again