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Thank you..i am one of the few that has vertigo all the time. My balance is so bad that im using a cane so i dont fall or walk into walls. Unfortunately my surgery got moved to November 23rd..so in the mean time im off work and just trying to get thru feeling sick alot

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Wow...I'm sorry to hear they moved your surgery so far out...Why did they do that if your balance is so bad and you can no longer work from this happening???

I was told that the e.n.t doctor and neurologist works as a team and unfortunately they are so booked . November is the earliest opening

@katfred where are you being treated and where do you live?

I live in south beloit Illinois and being treated at University of Wisconsin in Madison

Yes my ENT and surgeon work together for schedules and surgeries....

@katfred The waiting can be tough. If you wish to consider a second opinion from experts at Mayo Clinic, please call any of our 3 campuses, http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63. You will be offered an appointment within 48 hours Be sure to mention the Brain Tumor 48-access program. They can help you navigate your healthcare journey, answer your questions and guide you through the treatment plan.

Yes, @katfred, Mayo Clinic has some outstanding AN doctors. Dr. Michael Link is terrific. If it is at all possible for you to travel, that is something you might consider. There are also some terrific AN doctors here in Los Angeles at the House Ear Institute and USC.

An MRI that was used to diagnose hydrocelphalis also found the acoustic neuroma.  The hearing in my right ear is gone, but other than that, no problems.   A second MRI the following year showed that the neuroma had not grown, so the decision was to leave it  alone.  Am told the surgery to remove it is rather difficult.Will have another MRI in a few months.  There is a special hearing aid that consists of a microphone in the damaged ear that sends sounds to the functioning ear.  This has been fairly helpful.  <br><br>

Is your hydrocephalus due to your AN, or was the AN an incidental finding and you have hydrocephalus for some other reason? I have hydrocephalus as a result of my AN and had to have it removed and had a shunt inserted the week before my tumor was removed. They told me that my tumor was life threatening and had to be removed immediately but that was because it was crushing my brain stem and was also obstructing the flow of the CSF.

I had been ill, dizzy, unbalanced for nearly a year after becoming suddenly ill while visiting Indiana. Three days in the hospital there revealed nothing, but one of the docs suggested I get an MRI. I ignored that for quite a while and then felt worse and requested the MRI--which revealed the hydrocephalus. Seems the neuroma was just an incidental finding, and I'm perfectly happy to leave it alone unless it begins to grow.