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Vibrations? This is what my wife has been having for the last 2.5 months. The Cardiologist ordered some test, Echo and a stress test, both came back as good. “I” asked him to use a holster monitor, the results came back as SVT was present (irregular heartbeat), he scheduled an Electrophysilogist for her to see next month. Since then these vibrations have caused her to see Sleep/pulmonary Dr. Yesterday she saw a Psychiatrist for a medication plan as her primary was trying something different every other week. Insomnia has control of her life now and she claims the vibrations are still present but not as severe, new medications start tonight.

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I've had stress test, echo, heart cath and all were fine and I'm on metoprolol beta blocker for rapid heart beat and palpitations. I wore a heart monitor for 2 weeks and I had 2 episodes but the monitor didn't pick them up. My cardiologist says everyone has irregular heartbeats but that I can feel every one I have. I don't have trouble sleeping and even dreaming. You have to be in REM sleep to dream and sleep apnea wakes you too often to get to the REM cycle. Since I've been on the nasal cpap, I have been sleeping better, longer and dreaming. I have a very mild case as my machine is set on 4, the lowest it will go. It's so hard to pin point because so many people have so many different potential reasons for them. I even thought about artificial sweetener as I was making coffee this morning. Been using it for years.