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I'm 64 same issues. The vibrations wake me up. This morning I managed to sleep until 6:00 but the vibrations were just beginning, a level 2. I started the cpap a couple months ago and noticed when I did the test WITH the machine, I went for a week and a half with NO vibrations. I slept with the cpap for about a week and wanted to know if I'd get same results at home. I wore the cpap the minimum 4 hours required BEFORE going to sleep and I can go 2,3 even 4 nights with no vibrations. I drink a lot of water also. The only central nervous system meds I take is xanax and I'm slowly coming off those, had withdrawals after major issues with a new doctor, awful. It is amazing at the number of people that have this and no one seems interested in it. I did not get the covid shot nor have I had covid so mine isn't related to that. I think mine is related to phrenic nerve injury after swallowing a huge gulp of air taking pulls one morning. I had pain for 2 days at end of esophagus. I am also about 40 pounds overweight too. Most put on since retirement on disability but I've had weight issues my whole life, who hasnt right?. Lol. My neurologist thinks it's from an over active central nervous system and stems from the brain. He wanted to put me on 2mg, a pediatric dose, of Fycompa, it's like an anti convulsant drug. I read up on it and decided NOT to take it. If we keep pressing, maybe we will find a doctor that is really interested in solving this new mystery. I'd be interested in knowing age, sleep patterns, diet, past illnesses, medications they take daily or for an extended period of time. I did have a subarachnoid hemorrhage in 2011, bleed in the brain, although no surgery was required. It's all very puzzling.

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Vibrations? This is what my wife has been having for the last 2.5 months. The Cardiologist ordered some test, Echo and a stress test, both came back as good. “I” asked him to use a holster monitor, the results came back as SVT was present (irregular heartbeat), he scheduled an Electrophysilogist for her to see next month. Since then these vibrations have caused her to see Sleep/pulmonary Dr. Yesterday she saw a Psychiatrist for a medication plan as her primary was trying something different every other week. Insomnia has control of her life now and she claims the vibrations are still present but not as severe, new medications start tonight.