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It will be a full day. Thank you for the tip on the microwave. I will likely need it. I'm always so cold in hospitals so something hot will likely hit the spot.

I've been trying to look for hotels in the area that are not too expensive in the event I can't stay at my time share. I'd prefer something I can just drive up to the room and not have to deal with dragging luggage and walking through a large building. It's a 3 hour ride to get there and my appointments start early the following morning. I hope I wont be too tired to drive home.

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I might mention something else to keep in mind. During my transplant period of time and the fact I lived more than 50 miles away I was able to get reimbursed by my Medical Insurance Company up to 5000.00 for the whole period of time it took for appointments and after care. Mine at the time was Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield. Something to check also. It included hotels and travel. I cant remember if it included food also but Im thinking that was on me. Anyway, I was able to get most of my money back when I stayed up there for the first year. It was only for the first year in my case transplants were only covered for the transplant and first year follow-up. Good Luck I hope all works out and you have smooth sailing thru this period.