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Daughter has Von Willebrands

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@tenkate1098 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

Here is what Mayo Clinic has to say about Von Willebrands Disease: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/von-willebrand-disease/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20354984

You might want to ask your daughter's doctor about the interaction of Lexapro and her condition, if he knows about it. Or perhaps get a second opinion. In my cursory look on the internet, there may be an increased chance of bleeding due to clotting issues, something I wager you do not want. A trusted pharmacist might also give you some good information.

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Yes thank very much for your reply. I definitely do not base any decisions on anything other than a professional opinion. I just wasn’t sure if anyone had any experience with ssri and von willebrands. I’ll be honest the doctors here don’t seem to have a thorough understanding of vw and drug interactions. So I’m getting any and all info I can before allowing it to be taken.

I am 71 and have had Von Willenbrand Disease all of my life. My father was never diagnosed but had frequent nose bleeds and bruises. I learned of the disease after I had chemotherapy at age 44, and started bleeding under my skin.
A have anxiety disorder and took an herbal calledSAM E which works like lexapro. Not results you would hope for. Bleeding continued and bruising increased. My hematologist took me off all herbal and supplements that could increase bleeding, including vitamin E.
I would definitely be very cautious with Lexapro. Maybe consult a hematologist.