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i was referred to the Mayo Clinic by my endocrinologist after a year of problems with my thyroid....including the excess of calcium in my blood, and three stress fractures. Dr. Farley was my surgeon in Mayo and he was so encouraging and wonderful to me. The day of my surgery I was able to go out to dinner that same evening. He removed two nodules and I do not even have a scar that is visible .I would never go anywhere else. I wish you luck and success with your problem.

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You were/are very fortunate @alleregro as so many patients with this disease have struggled for many yrs before they are properly diagnosed . Then there are those like myself which still boggles my mind as to why the surgeon even bothered to do sestamibi scan. I was diagnosed as "mild"PHPT . The surgeon I was referred to ran a scan, 1.8 cm pt adenoma showed up but yet he said pt surgery was too risky and seeing as my labs were "mild" pt disease could not be the cause of my symptoms. Why he did a sest. I will never know. That was in 1999. I live in a very northern small Canadian town where we do not have access to real Dr's .
This disease is slowly killing me . No quality of life and not able to work for almost a decade now.

JIMBJAR" It disturbs me to hear you say that the disease is slowly killing you...please look farther into finding a doctor who will listen to you and will give you a solution for your problem...There are so many wonderful doctors at the Mayo clinic that it would be worth you while to travel there....Because you live in Canada is no reason for you to be suffering with an illness because of the lack of proper care. Please continue to look for help elsewhere.YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!

Hi allegro.....if you have been wondering where I've been, it is not that I didn't want to respond, but I am not that computer literate and I was having problems with the CONNECT site. Any,how, I now have an appt at Mayo, and I fly there on Monday the 20th. Originally they said to plan on 3-5 days there, so I ended up with 3.5 days based on flight home schedules. Then the other day I got a phone call that they have me scheduled me for surgery with another Dr., not Dr. David Farley. SInce I know nothing of the other one, we decided that I should talk with him before I commit to having him "whittle" on me. So I had to cancel my homeward bound flight and will have to rebook when I know better my schedule. I was so glad that you actually gave me a name even though I was not assigned to Dr. Farley. I've got the other Dr's name written down somewhere and it is a name I can't pronounced! But I am looking forward to getting back to Mayo and meeting him. Thanks again. (gailfaith)