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Oh sorry allegro, I wasn't aware that you also had parathyroid disease. Yes , you are indeed very fortunate to have had an experienced surgeon . I've read some horror stories from some who have had botched pt surgery
I live in Northern Canada and not so fortunate to have access to a surgeon who has pt surgical experience
You say you have hyperparathyroidism ? Were you not cured or do you have 2ndary hpt as well ?
How long between diagnose of PHPT to your pt surgery ? Have you suffered any consequences of the disease ( other organs ) or was your pt surgery done before it affected any other organs ?

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Hi @jmbjar (Jan) and @allegro. I just got back from Mayo where I had the parathyroidectomy. I started off with Dr. Tiegs first, but he told me he would be away for that and the next week so then I coordinated with Dr. Tebben who I also liked. Then I met with the surgeon, Dr. Melanie Richards, who I liked very much. She told me she had done over 4500 similar surgeries, so I felt very at ease with her. After our first scheduled meeting, she kept popping up unscheduled twice more before surgery to update me about test results, etc. At first they weren't sure when they could to it as a needle biopsy had to be done first and the radiologists were booked, but I guess there was a cancellation or something and they got that done and then the surgery the following day. And I was on l my way back to PA the next day. Mayo is so organized, it is incredible. I needed no medication for pain after surgery even though they gave me two different bottles with analgesics. Yes it hurt to swallow but the few times that happens in a day was not worth taking any medication. They only removed one of the four. I stayed at the same hotel in Rochester that I did previously as they cater to Mayo patients. On Saturday I needed to get to the post office and a drug store and they drove me there. Full breakfasts are are complimentary and convenient to your Mayo schedule. However the hotel had changed management as well as their name since my first trip. Since my first trip to Mayo, I have been in weekly physical therapy, and because I would be at Mayo for almost two weeks, I requested PT while there and Drs. Tiegs and Tebben arranged for that. And this trip was my introduction to the Methodist Hospital next door. Last time I was introduced to St. Marys' hospital (also connected with Mayo) when both me and my service dog got sick on something we shared! I no longer have my faithful service dog so I was alone for this trip.

Did your team say anything about taking Calcium supplements the rest of your life?<br>What was the name of your hotel? Kalar Grand?<br>Glad to hear of your success at Mayo!<br><br>

Hi upnorthnancy.... Where are you up north? Thanks for your note. The hotel is now the Centerstone and was a Best Western at Solider's Field previously. Yes, staff at Mayo even gave me a bottle of Ca to start me off, and I will meet with my GP here next week.