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Being a thyroid surgeon does not mean he is experienced in PARA thyroid surgery . Did he operate on your PARA thyroid glands ?
If one is having PARA thyroid surgery it is of utmost importance to have a Board Certified Surgeon who has done many successful PARA thyroid surgeries. Need a highly experienced surgeon in para thyroid surgeries

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my surgery was for nodules on my thyroid and was done by the expert surgeon, Dr. David Farley.....I have hyperparathyroidism.....Agreed that it must be an expert who has done it many times, and thus I was lucky enough to have Dr. Farley..... <br />
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Hi Jan, if you have wondered where I've been, I was literally lost in the "CONNECT" site. Since our initial discussion, I now have an appt at Mayo and I fly there as of Monday 6/20. They suggested I plan for 3 -5 days there and I initially was going to be there for 3.5 days based on available flights home, ( I have 3 flights each way.) So I booked flights there and home for Jan 25th. Then I got a phone call from Mayo saying that they have me now scheduled for surgery on the 28th. So I had to cancel all my flights home and will re-book when I know my schedule. But the Dr. they assigned to me I have no knowledge of so we decided I would meet and talk with him to learn of his success in PTH surgery, etc. However, they are holding that surgery spot open for me until I decide what to do. Mayo never ceases to amaze me in how they try to accommodate us patients as initially they said I would have to return if surgery was indeed indicated. I agree with what you wrote to allegro about knowing the background of the surgeon who will be working with you. So I'll let you know what transpires. How far north are you? I've been up to the Hudson Bay to see the polar bears and up to Point Barrow in Alaska.

Hi Gail

Glad to hear you have the option of pt surgery. The Dr could do a Skype interview with you to save you one trip ? I imagine you have to pay for this surgery out of pocket
I am in Northern Manitoba

Hi Jan, and thanks for your reply. No, Medicare/insurance I expect will pay the lions share of the bill. I'm going to see if they think surgery is necessary and if so, and I like the surgeon, I will have it done on this trip. At first they said I would have to come back for the surgery, but Mayo really works with their patients. Several days after I made the appt, since I am coming alone, and they require that someone be with me for 24 hours post surgery, I had to confirm that staying in a local hotel meets their requirement. The next thing I knew was they called to tell me they booked me for surgery on the 28th. What an incredible place Mayo is! I can't imagine that anyone surgeon that works for Mayo world have any problems with that surgery, but I could be wrong. When I get a minute, probably when I get back, I will have to refresh my memory as to where Manitoba is!!!!!!!!! Gail