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I just had my first bone marrow biopsy on 3/29. I was really afraid going in and was pleasantly surprised to find it less painful and the recovery has been easier than anticipated. Initially my hematologist told me only local anesthetic would be used, but then about a month later told me that they would give me versed and fentanyl during the procedure, as well as lidocaine at the site. It was a long day, but most of it was waiting. The procedure itself was only about 30-45 minutes. I was awake and alert during it, and mostly felt just pressure. The final part was more painful, but it was mostly a pinching sensation in my buttock muscle for about 5 seconds. I only needed 2 doses of acetaminophen at home over the following 24 hours. I am relatively young (42 years) which may mean everything was better tolerated. The anticipation was the worst part for sure.

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I had my 4th bmb (my last one was in March 2017).
Was done in my oncologist office. I had a lidocaine injection. The liquid part of the biopsy was done before I even knew it was started. When she did the bone part there was a 2 second electric shock in my buttock and it was over. Just a little sore, I wouldn’t want to do it monthly, but it wasn’t bad. Whole procedure lasted about 10 minutes.