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Thank you so much for your response. That is good advice. especially about do a few things and rest. I am doing things until I am exhausted and cannot move….so I think I should just do a little at a time and pace myself. Thank you for the blessing and God Bless you also. Much peace and love.

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Hi @dh524. Just wanted to assure your on the right track with do very little, rest, and try to stop activity of any kind by mid afternoon to allow your body good catch up healing sleep. Im over a year long covid and still can only shower with standing to wash hair about twice a week and know the rest of those days will be resting to avoid PEM. PT and gradual walking with slight increased time each week will hopefully bring you slow and steady progress. Dont get discouraged if set backs and really listen to your body as it seems many of us have many everchanging symptoms that can be managed with changing our behaviors to maneuver. Best to you and everyone🌈

MayoClinic therapist put me on this routine to help my fatigue :
Set a timer for 1hr. When it signals,you take a 5min "timeout"… go into a quiet place ((sometimes I go into the bathroom , close the door), close my eyes, clear thoughts. Then resume activity. Reset timer.
At midmorning, noon, mid-afternoon the timeout is 20min break. Sometimes I need to use eye mask and earplugs. Whatever works!!!
The brain craves rest. Needs it to regroup and heal the frenzied message system.
Try anything!!!

I have found that if I have a busy day I need to pace myself and relax at home the next day or two. If I sit down to read I usually end up napping. I was never a napped before having Covid. I couldn’t if I tried. Now, it just happens. I figure that my body must need it.