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Welcome to Connect, @julieannejp.
I agree and am thankful to the people sharing their stories. It really helps to break the barrier of isolation we can feel, thinking we’re alone with our situations. I’d like to introduce you to @mieke @coladyrev @martishka and @flhtk. You may be interested in sharing on the discussion thread about Adult Scoliosis https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/searching-for-adults-living-with-scoliosis-thoracic-stenosis/

I also recommend following the Chronic Pain group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/pain/#/!tab=discussions and joining the conversations.

We look forward to getting to know you.

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Thanks for sharing your story. Although I’ve never had surgery for my
scoliosis, I have considerable scoliosis in my back which has developed
over the years following my back surgery for blown discs. I’ve found that
a hip replacement on one side has considerably reduced the pain on that
side and I’m looking forward to the same surgery in a few weeks on the
other side. I know that my back is a mess, but for me, it seems that the
hip replacements are strengthening the back while removing the pain. I
don’t totally understand the physics but I know they are significantly
helpful for me.
My husband is a massage therapist and I definitely find that massage
helps ‘soften’ the muscles. By ‘soften’ I don’t mean the muscles become
weak instead they are encouraged to return to regular flexion. Do find a
good well-trained therapist who understands the structure of muscles so
she/he knows how to work on your particular body.
Take care, eager to hear how it goes.

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