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Jenny D (@jenniferedodd)

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis

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It is nice to know that we are not alone and other people are experiencing the same symptoms and feels. I too hesitant eating certain foods.

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I had two bouts of divert within the last 3 1/2 months. After the latest episode in Feb I developed c-dif which I am trying to get over. I’m totally confused as to what to eat and it is reassuring to know that others are experiencing the same thing. I was drinking a lot of the Ensure protein drinks. I was overweight before all this started, but I’ve lost so much weight since Nov it is somewhat scary. I wanted to lose weight the healthy way. Good luck to you.

I had a sigmoid bowel resection after a traumatic car accident. I lost a lot of weight because I had no appetite for about 2 mos. Then I got daily diarrhea from what little I did eat. I then also got dehydrated from all that. I was weak and slept a lot. I was down to doctor prescribed apple juice, Ensure, Gatorade, apple sauce. I didn't realize that it all was sugar! I stopped with the Ensure and stayed on crackers and eggs and got better within 24 hrs. I also started a high quality probiotics and that seemed to help a lot. Now it has been a year since the surgery and found out two months ago that I had become lactose intolerant. All those stomach cramps, distended stomach were not so much from the surgery but from drinking milk! I figured this out myself and now I have not had a sick day in over two months. I can eat almost anything now, but in small portions and I eat slower than before.