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Jenny D (@jenniferedodd)

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis

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After many consults, I have decided best to have sigmoid colectomy. Anyone with experience with this?

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I have had 4 surgeries this past year that started with diverticulitis. Jan 2018 surgery to remove part of sigmoid. Had temporary colostomy for 6 months, then reversal surgery. The reversal went as planned, but ended up with obstruction in an bowel, went home after 17 days and another surgery that was unsuccessful to clear SBO,with PICC line on TPN. Things began clearing and was on low fiber diet when diverticulitis hit again late Nov. ER visit and antibiotics. 2 weeks later, back in ER, admitted with bad blockage at reversal site. Went home after 6 days on only clear liquids. Was on clears for almost a month and had another enema with contrast that showed blockage was worse. Had 4th surgery 7th 2019 and ended up with Deloyers procedure which removed all sigmoid/descending colon, part of transverse and part of my rectum. The transverse is now my new descending and 2 months out everything seems to be working great. I actually had popcorn at the movies recently and am fine. I can honestly say I think I am much better off without the sigmoid. I have heard that it takes a while to feel "normal" again and I am looking forward to that.
I hope things go well for you! If you have any questions about diet, etc please feel free to reach out

Hi @nosurgery,

Did you go through with the sigmoid colectomy? How are you doing?

Hello @nosurgery

It has been a while since you posted about having the sigmoid colectomy. Was the surgery helpful to you?

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