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Jenny D (@jenniferedodd)

I was diagnosed with diverticulitis

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I'm really sorry to hear that you are experiencing a lot of discomfort again, @nosurgery.

I don't recall if you said this before: Have you already had a CT scan of the abdomen or a colonoscopy?

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I had a colonoscopy in feb., I was told to increase fiber had some divertic. I instagated the colonoscopy because of new constipation over the last 2 years. After colonoscopy I was sick as a dog. Call dr that did procedure. Told her of distended and., chills, stomach ache and could not eat. She said I probably had flu. It happened again in July. Went to ER. Same exact S+S. Had CT SCAN. Showed microperforation! In hospital for 4 days. Got 2 opinions from surgeons. Also have over the last couple of years developed sharp left Lowe quad. Discomfort. A colicky pain that I had to rush to ER. Only relief was with morphine. Nobody know what it is. Is it connected? Had Ct and ultrasound? Told maybe abdominal wall defect or a stitch from other hernia surgery…. so I don't know what's exactly going on, but I'm not jumping to do anything. As it turns out, so far today is a good day…
Also asked earlier if I take anyone to appointments and yes I do, with the exception of 1. My husband goes with me. Today I have appoint with my nephrologist. I see a new gi person in a few weeks to see if the can help me sort it all out. I called Mayo fo appointment but it's tough to get all the files and get insurance to pay and then fly out from Boston. A little overwhelming. So that's it. This to shall pass.. you asked, so there it is!