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Does anyone else have MGUS?

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I am also newly diagnosed, but it is a little different for me since I am 92. They have put me on the 3 month schedule and I am not very excited about it. Maybe I should be, but at my age, you learn to accept everything and hope for the best. I developed Trigeminal Neuralgia (worse pain in the world) and my neurologist ordered blood work that revealed the M factor. I was given to believe that if I did not progress any time during the next 6 months I would be put on the 1 year check routine. At my age, how many 1 year checks can you expect. I may have had this all my life and not known it??? I have always had a slightly low Red and White cell count, but not enough for anyone to get excited about it. So it is a waiting game, you may never progress any further. Smile, the sun is shining (I hope forecast for today is rain and thunder). If you can get out of bed it is a good day. I will remember you this day in my prayers.

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Hi Gina.
I was diagnosed with IgM kappa MGUS 8 years ago. Now 82. I think we need to be proactive with appointment making. My wonderful hematologist advises seeing him every six months. However I make appointments to see him every three. It is my thoughtful determination that I’m more vulnerable so I consider more frequent appointments justified.

In the recent past there was a decline to below normal range in my ferritin level. “Low iron without anemia” diagnosis is sometimes of interest to oncologists. I’ll find out next Tuesday…not next June.

I suggest to follow your hunches with making appointments. Sometimes we need to be assertive. You go, Girl! Raye