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Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS): Anyone found any relief?

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I also suffer from BMS brought on when an endodontist gave me a shot that injured the trigeminal nerve. That was 6 very long years ago. Gabapentin helped in the beginning as did oral Clonopin and Lyrica. Then their efficacy
wore off. Cymbalta has made some improvements. The nerve damage also radiates on one side of my face and lip. I'm so sorry for your pain because I understand. It has been a life altering event that most people don't have a clue about much less compassion. These are things that have helped me: dental gum sticks, dental floss, toothpaste for sensitive teeth, ice packs, heat packs, lidocaine, Benzo-gel, ice cream and for some unknown reason (for me at least) peanut butter milkshakes. I also drink ice water constantly. I've been told that CBT is helpful as would be medical marijuana. I've been to countless doctors and dentists and pain clinics. It seems like the pain has a circadian rhythm to it worsening in the afternoon into the evening. The pain causes such exhaustion. A good acupuncturist may be able to help you.

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Are you in any of the groups on Facebook? Those groups are a huge help.

I forgot to add that I have gotten some increasing benefits from B12 shots
l take every two weeks. Initially when the nerve damage occurred l
received low light Lazer therapy. It needed to take place twice a week but
was logistally impossible b/c it would have involved two 500 mile trips a

Ice cold milk was soothing for BMS. Interesting enough I found lattes
soothing in the mornings but painful in the afternoons. Extra sweet soft
drinks were comforting in the mornings and miserable in the afternoons.
Blueberries and natural foods were soothing but spicy foods, citrus fruits
and salt were killers no matter the time of day. In general processed foods
which used to be so easy when in a hurry became very painful. It's
basically a trial and error pathway since everyone's biological makeup
reacts differently.

I still stand by my peanut butter shakes b/c they lend a comforting
coolness far more than other flavors. I wish you well on this uncharted