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What are Smudge Cells? Do they indicate CLL?

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My moms cbc has been abnormal for about a year and has been back and forth with her PCP. I told her she needed to go see a hematologist, but her PCP said that she should wait because they’re going to give her antibiotics and take care of the situation so now her last CBC, which was the ninth of this much came back with moderate smudge cells before it was few smudge cells but it’s changed to moderate I told her to do a peripheral blood smear and the doctor that I work for recommended. She have a whole bunch of tests done and her PCP didn’t do those but now they’re going to move forward with doing the test that my doctor told me to have her recommend to her PCP. I’m scared that it could be leukemia but she feels like it’s nothing right now her leukocytes is at a 14.7. It’s gone up from a 13.2

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Hi @vero210, mom’s are notorious for ‘I’m fine, nothing’s wrong’… She’s lucky to have an attentive daughter who is proactive for her mom’s health. ☺️

If your mom is dealing with smudge cells, I think you’re already aware that this could be an indication of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), though there are also some other occurrences where cells can be fragile and ‘smear’ when being tested.

I know the word leukemia puts fear in any heart. But CLL is generally very slow to develop and often patients don’t require any treatment for years. So take a deep breath and we’ll wait to find out what your mom’s bloodwork shows. I had a very serious and aggressive form of leukemia and now in a durable remission. (My daughter was in the same position of ‘fearing the worst’). I know the anxiety of bloodwork but it’s also beneficial to find things out early if there is an issue. And often, what we imagine is much worse than reality. 🙃

Is your mom having the peripheral blood smear done soon? Let me know what you find out, ok?