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Does anyone else have MGUS?

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What can be done if you have kidney issues associated with MGUS?

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@bluphi Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Has it been determined you have Bence Jones proteins present in your urine?

If you visit the Kidney and Bladder Support Group, you will find several discussions to help you understand what to do with kidney issues. Diet is a major factor, reducing sodium/phophourus/ calcium/potassium laden foods. Moderate exercise. Acetominophen, no more ibuprofen or Alleve=type products. As far as medications, speak to your hematologist oncologist about what to do. For me, my myeloma medications have had lowered doses to keep my kidneys from being too overwhelmed. I actually am on dialysis, and my kidney issue is the result of a ultra-rare autoimmune kidney disease.
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