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Does anyone else have MGUS?

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@psue4 Knowledge is power. and can make things less formidable. This I firmly believe! As with so many health conditions, we as humans and members here are all unique in our own right. Having this opportunity to share with each other, and see how different things can be approached, is invaluable.

Beta2 microglobulin has to do with kidney filtration. It is but one value in a series of labwork, and is not really taken as a single value, but cobbled together to give an indication of renal function. As you will often "see" me say, look at trends, not a single lab report. It is not uncommon for people who have MGUS to also have some kidney impairment. There is a protein called Bence Jones that is tested for, to determine if a kidney issue could be related to MGUS and all.

Thank you for your kind words!

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What can be done if you have kidney issues associated with MGUS?

Hi There. My name is Tracey. I was diagnosed at 50,with MGUS. The proper blood tests that Oncologist need was never done When a Dr Assistant was in I had time to explain to him and get the Sep? Test done. 7 Flagged pages. I was over on almost or let’s say lots. I asked for the report. Saw it. I went to Cancer Care as I was scared. My dr said I was fine. Then the pain in my side back. Neely button hernia,kidney stones and Uteter stones. Had for over a year. Nothing done. No surgery to fix hernia. They said kidney stones were big over a mm? Hard to pass. My dr will not call me help me. I am on pain meds but I still have it. He won’t increase. Nothing. I cannot your comment about Kidney stones. Wow. I will try to keep u posted. Really sick. Sorry for not replying etc. you are in my thoughts. God Bless❣️🇨🇦