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Occipital Neuralgia

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Hi, i have those internal vibrations in my head and body and the Neurologist is clueless about it have an appointment on the 22nd of March to do some test and encefalogram. Now i also am having like anxiety very bad that can't sleep, Took a 0.25 xanax last night and after five hours i woke up at 3:30 am and with my blood pressure on 150/84 so i have to take some tea and Parcha fruit that they say lowers the BP. I am going crazy with these vibrations and not knowing what are they from.

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I did have the EEG test and of course my Vibrations was really angry that day. It was my birthday so I remembered it. Was a painful test of prickling my legs but the tests came back fine. No problem on its end. So that didn’t register these Vibrations so what could these be from? Don’t wanna did you bout the test but that’s how it came out for me. Get MRI’s all over your body. Like my Dr ordered Brain, Cervical, Thoracic n Lumbar but only thing my Neurosurgeon saw was the cyst n my spine at mid back area that may be preventing fluid to flow through properly. So I’m wondering could these be from a disturbed nerve ? Do Nerves show up on MRI’s ? I’m not sure bout that. So just wondering n will do a Dr Google search. I pray you have luck w your upcoming test. When ya get those results please respond back. Take care n hugs 🤗