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rapid thumping sound in left ear

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My fluttering started 2 days ago. It's 24 hours a day. Only in my left ear. And, like you, when I plug my ear, I hear nothing. What is it?

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@stacmac Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect.

Would you tell me more about yourself?

Have you had any issues with your hearing in the past or is this a completely new occurrence?

Hello. Have you learned anymore about this. Mine started two months ago, and oddly I was told my BP was a little high. (When I went in about it.) I went to my Family doctor (suggestion was to lose 5 pounds and eat more fruits and vegetables). I went to an ENT whom told me that is was a muscle spasm. It seems to get worse for about 10-12 days around menstruation.
I told both the ENT and my doc that when I plug my ear the noise goes away. The ENT looked at me like I didn't know what I was talking about. My family doc listened and said it sounded interesting. Why would external pressure relieve the rapid (seems like 4x my heart beat – like I hear all 4 chambers) beating I hear. I read something about poor posture. Today my husband agreed to start eating better with me. Right now I can hear the regular heart beat flow. But when I burp and don't swallow right away it is a speedy, rhythmic pulsating. I'm so afraid. I don't wantbto have surgery.

Did you figure this out? This happened to me about 2 weeks ago and lasted around 5 days. It went away and now it started again. It's constantly there but sporadic in rhythm.

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