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rapid thumping sound in left ear

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You have my sympathy. I have had thumping in both ears for several years now. I have pulsatile tinnitus and I hear every heart beat all day and all night. Mine does not seem to be related to my ears; it has to do with blood flow but no one seems to know the cause of the loud thumping. I have been on blood pressure medication for quite some time and the sound is not so loud, particularly during the day. But it is a terrible affliction . . . almost impossible to sleep. Unless you can find a neuro/cardio/vascular expert who has the patience to do all of the tests, you will never find the cause. My problem started when I quit taking .88 aspirin daily after taking it every day for 30 years, It’s probably something weird like an enlarged jugular bulb
or a fistula. I have been to an internist, a cardiologist, and a otolaryngologist and they all said, “Get used to it.”. Can’t be done. This site only makes me feel better to know I am not the only one who suffers with this condition.

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Thank you for your thoughts and sympathy. "Affliction" sounds just about right. I liken this to having one's head pressed up against the big drum in a marching band while the drummer pounds away. OK, maybe a tad overstated — but not in terms of effect on being able to sleep or get used to it. I had jack-hammering going on next door to my house years ago to remove a big river of rock and it was just about as pleasant. And at least it stopped before bedtime.