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rapid thumping sound in left ear

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The thumping in my right ear is somewhat similar to how pulsatile tinnitus is described, though different. In my case, it seems directly connected to rhythmic sound. If for instance I hear a clock ticking, the thumping begins, without fail. Running an air conditioner or some other kind of background noise makes the thumping stop. The thumping is most pronounced when I lay my right ear on a pillow. The same ear is sensitive to loud noises, sometimes painfully so. I also have ringing in both ears fairly often, though I seem to have gotten used to that. The right ear thumping has been more or less always present ever since I had a very bad earache at the age of 8. If I recall correctly, my mother told me my eardrum had burst, but I don’t recall at this point if I ever was seen by a doctor for it.

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I have a loud fast thumping in both ears which is my heartbeat. I have a cardiologist who has prescribed medication for high blood pressure, which I have never had before but is now sky high. I did not have high blood pressure until the thumping started. It began after I quit taking .81 aspirin daily for 30 years. A Mayo clinic article said if you have never had heart problems or heart surgery, the risk of taking a blood thinner was greater than the benefit from the aspirin. I am back on the aspirin after several months but the thumping continues. Constant Loud Thumping will cause you to have high blood pressure, I guess???

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