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rapid thumping sound in left ear

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About 2 weeks ago I noticed the same thing in my right ear. I hear it more when I just wake up. It’s isolated in my right ear. It’s not rhythmic, more sporadic and fast so it’s not linked to my pulse. When I fully plug my ear it goes away, maybe because of the pressure.

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I have noticed the same thing, i have to burp but cant seem to get it all out and i get a rapid pulse in my right ear. I have also noticed my right eye is seeming to get blurry over the past few months

It sounds like I have the same thing going on. Feels as if there’s water in my ears and someone is constantly (fast and sporadic) tapping my head. Like a small popping constantly in my right ear. It does not match my heart at all and is not rhythmic. I can’t find any relief. Any suggestions for at home relief anyone??

@gregk I think I’ve been experiencing the same thing. I get a fast, sporadic thumping/tapping in my right ear only that can last for hours. Very fast, very distracting. Almost sounds like when you have water in your ear and you tap your head. Does not match my heartbeat at all. And stops when I completely close/plug my ear. I can’t sleep or focus on anything when it’s happening which is very often lately. I’ve been trying some wax clearing drops and flushing with warm water to see if it will improve and also magnesium supplements. But please, if you or anyone else have any ideas or suggestions for at home relief, how to stop it or what it is, please let me know!! Thank you!

I experience the exact same thing in my right ear also. And, yes, plugging the ear stops the thumping.
A few weeks ago I had impacted wax removed from this ear; I wonder if that somehow triggered this thumping.

My fluttering started 2 days ago. It's 24 hours a day. Only in my left ear. And, like you, when I plug my ear, I hear nothing. What is it?