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Hi Mary
Keep going!!!! Thank you for your words I don't Google anything if I did I would of been dead years ago!!! My frustration is with my lung specialist she I feel was not prepared for our first get together, she admitted to not even having my CT scans to look at, her answers I felt came straight out of a book, she asked questions I answered then she said well we need blood tests and a breathing test and I will see you in six months. I guess I expected more from her but I figured this was up to me and I decided walking for 30 minutes twice a day won't kill me and I found some breathing exercises to do so this is what I do.
I hope all is well

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Hi my name is Chelly am 94 years old and this year diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.I have had a Ct lung scan test.Have seen my lung specialist and next week will have a lung capacity test then seethe dr with results.I noticed my energy level is worse.I use a nebulizer daily with abulterol which helps my breathing.I have asthma and use Alvesco inhalor daily.Will be getting results of my last blood work.No idea how severe my condition is but should hear more after my next visit with my lung dr.Not sure if I wull be put on medication after the drs visit.My cough is minimal right now. Like to hear from other people with same diagnosis.

Jim, be proactive! Keep up the walking. Also, you can buy a Microlife PF100 on Amazon. It measures your forced expiratory volume (FEV1) in one second. Once you take the pulmonary function tests (PFTs) at the office, you can track your progress at home. It's not expensive and only takes a minute or so. Keep track of your progress in a journal. Also available online is a pulse oximeter which measures your oxygen level on your finger. Mine is Pulse Oximeter model 500DL (Zac Vrate is the manufacturer, I think). Both are very easy to use. And maybe you need a new pulmonologist; you need to have confidence in your doctor. How old are you? I am 78.