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How do I search for group with same type of cancer?

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Replies to "How do I search for group with same type of cancer?"

Hi @joyismystrength, Welcome to Mayo Connect!
Finding members with your type of cancer is fairly easy.
There are a couple of ways.
At the top of the Connect page you’ll see a long box that says, “search”. You can put the name of your cancer in there and enter. That should bring up several discussions.

Or, under the search bar, there is a menu which says:
Home. Support groups, Blogs & podcasts, Events…
Click on Support groups! That will take you to a list of all the groups in Connect.
You’ll see Cancers, Breast Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, etc… click on any that are appropriate and it will take you right to the discussions in that group.

Which type of cancer are you experiencing?