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I never did receive a worthwhile reply to my shingle problem. it has now been almost 14 1/2 years since i developed the PHN. it has not gotten any better or any worse in the last 10 years. It still hurts, stings, itches and burns 24/7, also it has blinded me in my left eye. (lot of infection and scarring of the cornea) As previously stated, I have tried every drug available, all they do is mask the pain on a temporary basis and make you goofy. if there is any kind of help out there, i sure could use help. The only new thing that I have heard, is the radio frequency ablation. That is a new one on me, if anyone has any experience or knowledge about this type treatment especially concerning the radio frequency ablation vs. PHN or any other treatment vs. shingles and PHN I would appreciate any information I can get. I would like to hear from any Doctor, Clinic or individual concerning any information about shingles and PHN. Thank to everyone. Oran Baughn

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After nine years, I'm finding gabapentin the most helpful. Three times a day makes me unable to function well, so I take 200mg morning and night. A neurosurgeon at Vanderbilt told me to never let anyone touch me with radio frequency ablation. I've since gone to a pain management specialist and a new neurologist. I now use a compounded cream along with my gabapentin and can tolerate my symptoms pretty well. I also take a stress med. The topical cream contains lidocaine, gabapentin and several more drugs.

Tomorrow I am going to try CBD hemp oil herbal drops. Biggest concern is that they are not regulated by FDA, but I am trying to be careful about purchasing from a reputable dealer. From my studies, I do not believe the drops will cause any further harm – so… what the heck!?!? I seem to have PN, RLS, and PHN all in/on the same leg – so a good night's sleep is a dream I have…

Thank you for your comments. I have used gabapentin, as well as every other kind of med available and as I said they dulled the pain as long as i took them but they also made me goofy. As you might imagine, I cannot use any type creme in my eye and that is where most of my pain is located,right where your tear duct is situated. Did the neurosurgeon say why not to try radio frequency ablation. Do you know what it is suppose to do or what would happen if you did try it. If you have any info about that please let m e know.

Where do you put these drops and what do the suppose to do. Most of my problem is in and around my eye.

take the drops orally – under tongue – or, with ice cream? Not sure these drops will help any eye problem – I was hoping they would help with restless leg and pain, but last night was the 2nd time I tried it, to no avail. I do take gabapentin also, and Requip for the restless leg. But have such a problem with balance – created by the drugs???

Please be careful of those Free Trial sites for hemp Oil, Alot of them are rip offs

He said it would make problem much worse. I don't use anything IN my eye. I, too, have the worst pain/itching at inner corner of eye. The cream is rubbed on the top of skin starting at inner corner of eye, across eyebrow and forehead. That's where top branche of the trigeminal nerve is located. Before prescribing the compounded cream, my anesthesiologist/pain specialist injected lidocaine to determine exactly what nerve are affected. I got total relief from injection until it wore off. So he had the cream made at a compounding pharmacy that I can use 4x daily if I need to. It calms the trigeminal nerve.

Your cream sounds like something I might be able to use. I would go to a doctor and ask for the cream but since yours was compounded, I would need to know what to ask for. Do you know the ingredients and the amounts of each component. If you do please furnish them to me and i will see if i can get a doctor here to have them compounded for me. This is the best thing that i have heard of since i have developed shingles and PHN. Thank you for the information. .

Have been dealing with similar problem for 3 years. Last time I saw my cornea specialist he told me to look into Botox for the post herpes neuralgia. Had my first injection in early July after Medicare approved the procedure. My PHN is much better! I thought I was going to suffer the rest of my life and now I can’t wait for another treatment. I hope you can find a pain specialist. Most of them at UC San Diego double as anesthesiologists. I hope you can find a provider in your area.