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Medical marijuana for sleep disorders?

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A friend included CBD gummies in my Christmas package, shipped from her state where pretty much everything is sold legally now. Oddly enough (to me at any rate), the ones that included THC did not help me sleep and left me tired the next day. The ones with only CBD, seemed to promote easy sleep. But that is anecdotal and these botanically based things are tricky to compare. Not only are the plants different, but the processing protocols and resulting strength of ingredients vary tremendously.

For those who haven't yet tried it, a reliable aid for mild insomnia is catnip or passion flower or a tea of both. Traditional Medicinals makes a Nighty Night tea, with both botanicals, that's sold in supermarkets now that I've given to friends who swore that they wouldn't be able to fall asleep but were easily able to do so and without being groggy the next day. I don't know if it'll help with severe insomnia, but a friend brought me when I was in the hospital in traction for a back injury and I ended up sharing it a few patients who swore that it provided the only sleep they got in the noisy hospital.

N.B. If you live with a resident cat and make the tea, keep it safely out of feline reach. I made a cup once and left it to cool while I took a bath. Then discovered that a newly-adopted kitten had happily drunk some then had the zoomies for about 2 hours afterwards. Trying to sleep while Ruggles played with all of his toys and attacked the scratching post and tried to get the annoyed older cat to play added a new element to insomnia that night. Though he slept just fine after the catnip wore off.

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