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Anyone know about daridorexant (Quviviq) for insomnia?

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Has anyone tried Quiviviq? If so, did it help? I have severe treatment resistant insomnia and have tried everything on the market.

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Very expensive, no generic, not covered by insurance, poor reviews, so no, I haven't tried it. When you say everything on the market, I hope that includes measures such as cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia or another form of insomnia therapy, abdominal breathing, relaxation, meditation, some non drug therapies. You won't develop dependence, tolerance, withdrawal or suffer side effects from non drug therapies, as you likely will with literally every single drug there is with the capacity to sedate.

Insomnia can result from anxiety and/or depression, or it can be the root cause of this type of mood change.
Sounds like maybe your insomnia grew out of anxiety/depression? If so, getting some relief from those may give you some relief from insomnia. In my case, the mood changes are the direct result of serious ongoing insomnia. On days after I get adequate sleep, my mood is often quite good, it's like I'm exhilerated to feel normal. On days after inadequate sleep, I obviously have fatigue but also symptoms that are flu like. It is really limiting in terms of making/following trough with plans, any kind of travel, it's really tough on relationships. And I think these limitations, together with missing important events like Christmas, create extreme distress and very low mood that will last for days, sometimes even after sleep returns, because I'm so generally sleep deprived, and I am feeling the effects of missing yet another important event with those I care about. Vicious cycle. I've done CBT-I as well, and feel the same as you, valuable tools for coping and not obsessing with sleep, but no lasting significant improvement in the insomnia itself, except, I used to go entire nights with no sleep; I do sleep now, just not long enough or deep enough, and I wake up 4,000,000 each night. Slight exxageration?
Best ~ keep working on that anxiety!! Metitation = bravo

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Have you tried shiatzu massage or acupunture for insomnia and anxiety? Its The Only thing It really helped me With my insomnia plus anxiety i SWEAR. I highly recomended that to u'all . I was suffering sever insomnia and tried all type of pills.. and The few workin' (strong hypnotic) left me like a zombie The Next day literally plus my anxiety increased and increased, in adittion that didnt even work all days. . i decided give shiatzu massage and acupunture a try . And its worth tryin one hundred per cent . It changed my Life , i just Hope these words be helpful to anyone. ( I was kind of refusing tryin INITIALLY, but thanks god i did. Just go ) xxoo