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Transplant: BK Virus

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Hi @somedaydialysisfree 😊
It's so nice to meet you and Congratulations on your kidney transplant!
I totally agree with you. It seems like forever to clear BK virus.
I was diagnosed with active CMV at 8 months post transplant. With reduced immune suppression and Valcyte, CMV cleared in 6 weeks.
I think because there is no effective anti-viral med for BK, the solution is to reduce the immune suppression. When reduction doesn't work, then a change of medication. From my reading, the Tacronlimis and Mycophenolate combination is the most prone to BK activation. I was diagnosed back in August and it's still high in my urine 6 months later. I am taking 250mg bid Mycophenolate and 6mg Envarsus XR (Tac).
What dosages of Prednisone and Cyclosporine are you currently taking? Is the hair growth from the Cyclosporine minor facial hair?
With my significant hair loss from Tacronlimis, I have been weighing the pros and cons of switching to Cyclosporine so I would love to hear your experience.
What is your current BK blood viral level? Is everything else going well for you?
Thanks so much for joining in on the conversation!

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Im on 5mg steroid & 50mg am & pm Cyclo. It has been minimal facial & my head of hair is thicker, had lost alot prior frm tac. I did try infusions of cidofovir but that didn't work either. BK inflamed/damaged my kidney, creatnine started going up at 8m & at 1yr 5m I went back on dialysis. Will be on dialysis 2yr in April