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Chronic subjective dizziness

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@colleenyoung do you have anyone currently discussing Meniere’s disease and tinnitus? Mine has flared after a forty year absence and I’m also dealing with tinnitus. Just wonder if anything is new with either one.

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I have both regular (high-pitched) tinnitus and pulsatile tinnitus. I feel and hear my heartbeat much of the time, but it’s louder when I wake up, after meals, and whenever I exercise or move around a lot. I can feel the throbbing, sometimes in my head, sometimes in my chest or the back of my neck. I have had a treadmill test, an MRI of my head with MRa dye) around my ears, and carotid artery doppler ultrasound. All were okay. But although I have a hard time with MRIs, I wish doctors would also do an MRI/MRA of my upper neck, which has never been checked. My worry is something like an aneurysm, although it may not be anything like that. I just wish , that since pulsatile tinnitus is usually a vascular problem, They’d also check my upper neck at the base of my skull. They don’t feel it’s necessary. Does anyone here have anything like this? I’m not worried about the ringing tinnitus, but the heart-pounding kind every day is a little scary, even though I’ve had it for 6 years and nothing bad has happened. Your thoughs or comments?

Wish I could offer some advice, but pulsatile tinnitus – at least based on my research – is a special catagory of tinnitus that’s beyond me. I have my own thoughts on tinnitus in general, and I will make one suggestion: have you seen an allergist especially relative to oats, wheat or corn allergies, and are you on a reduced sodium diet? Hope you find relief soon.

The high pitched ringing started after a serious virus that attacked my nervous system and inner ears. I also experienced some hearing loss. I haven’t been able to pinpoint any certain foods that make the ringing worse. I’m not on a reduced sodium diet, because my blood pressure is usually rather low. I’ve habituated to the ringing and often am not aware of it at all, The pulsatile type, though is a tougher thing to live with. It’s bad enough to have heart palps each day, but having to hear the beats like a drumming in my head….that is difficult.

I do apologise for not making my remarks clearer. With regard to my allergy question, I don’t think you would have an awareness of a possible allergy, since it affects the inner ear. In other words, the allergy would cause your symptoms, but only over a period of time. And my other comment, too, about sodium was meant to suggest a low-sodium diet might help ease your symptoms.

I understand, and I appreciate your comments. My dad used to pass out because of low blood pressure (and I sometimes feel lightheaded when my blood pressure drops some, so I’ve been told to get enough sodium daily. I try not to use more more than enough, but I’m not supposed to cut it way back either. 🙂

As for the oats, wheat and corn, that’s something to consider. Thanks.

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